Alvinus Book

bookpromoSo. I made an artbook. It is available now via a dutch site called “”. This book is 52 pages long, A4 sized (A4 measures 210 × 297 millimeters or 8.27 × 11.69 inches)

The hardcover is printed on 200 grams machine coated paper. The Paperback is printed on 135 grams machine coated paper. And it is looking magnificent! It will work pretty good as a coffee table book. The outside of the book does not contain any naughtyness. The inside however.

The book’s contents:

Very much not suitable for work. 10 pages of character profiles, 12 pages of the Lubricious exposure comic, 5 commissions (by Delidah,Hive, ShinChanKO and Viriden ) and a buttload of pinups/sexy/raunchy pictures telling a story of their own. Including 2 never before posted pictures 🙂

So I bet this costs a lot of money?

Not really. There are two versions:  Paperback & Hardcover. The hardcover is more expensive as it is more material to work on and its tougher to bind.  The hardcover is 26.19 euro and the paperback version is 11.95 euro. None of the money goes to me I set the profits to 0.01 euro . The lowest I could set it to.

Wanna get it ?

Get the Hardcover version now(34.95 euro)

Get the Paperback version now(24.95 euro)

(The website has PAYPAL!)

PLEASE NOTE: As of right now the english order page has the field with “Initials/Surname” and “Name” Initials/Surname is where your name goes (e.g. John ), and “name” is where your family name goes(e.g. Smith).

Also the “Number” field next to the zipcode is the house number.

So say you live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW. You use that “number” field to enter “1600” and the street field to fill in  “Pennsylvania Ave NW”.

They are Dutch. Lets forgive them

Some pictures of the hardcover:

characterprofilesback inside













Now some pictures of the Paperback

(the one on the right in the first picture!)

IMG_20160105_174754 IMG_20160105_174812 IMG_20160105_174820 (1) IMG_20160105_174829 (1)