Assistant Sam & Galaxy Elf

So this was an interesting pic to do. With so many versions! This was pic is inspired by a certain meme going around. So here we are meme-ing it up. I made an elf variant as well! The galaxy elf variant 😀

If you want it in higher res for your wallpaper or something ? Go check out the gumroad page :
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You can download the entire set for free in normal res here

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Slippery Forest Adventures

Poor Anika. She was promised the easter bunny’s secrets when her friends told her to go into the woods to the north of the city in a reverse bunny suit while oiled up. But how could her friends know this was kind of her kink anyway?
That forest is full of kinky creatures ready to help her relax! Surely they must have known that!

All versions can also be gotten on gumroad in full res PNG:
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