Mankanshoku Sukuyo – Mako’s mom

This is Mako’s mom.(Mankanshoku Sukuyo). A minor character in Kill la Kill.  But she has a very special place in our hearts. With a very weird set of kitchen skills to create croquettes out of anything. This was drawn entirely while streaming on .
YuutaroHiroshio requested I draw this. He also has me drawing Nui….

I regularly open up requests so feel free to ask. I do futs with them
though to mix up and add some other stuff to it or change things to make it look funnier 😉

However if you want me to draw something specific I DO do commissions

You can find my stream here :

(Be sure to follow me on Picarto to be sure to get notifications of new streams ,
I won’t post “STREAMING” pics on artist communities because that’s a dumb concept)
I have several other profiles : (NSFW) (NSFW) (SEMI SFW) (NSFW)
Oh and the sketches from last night’s stream :


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