Character Profile: Silmarwen Holt

Silmarwen Holt

Gender: Female
Orientation: The tentacles
Species: Human
Age: 26 (in 2015)
Height: 1m 77 cm
Eyes: Blue
Relationship: no
Likes: Tentacles

Silmarwen is the keeper of the ancient temple 
near Alvinus's swamp. She is a member
of the Spiral club and lets their members
use the temple for their sometimes very
slippery initiation rituals.

Due to a spill in the lake near her house 
her swimsuit came alive when she dove 
into it for a swim. The cause for that 
transformation was an experimental sex toy 
material designed by Ariel which leaked from 
the factory nearby.

She named him/her "squirt".... 
They are best buds now for some reason.

She has pretty dark skin and short ears for 
an Alvinus Elf.