Character profile :Marlenne Carson

Marlenne Carson

Gender: Female
Orientation: Unknown
Species: Human
Age: 20 
Height: 1m 84cm
Eyes: Blue
Relationship: No
Likes: Latex bodysuits

Friends with Ariel and Joan. She sometimes
helps out Ariel in the shop. Mostly with faulty

Marlenne is a developer for her own tech 
start-up. She also runs the server farm with 

In her closet you can find a lot of skin tight full 
body latex costumes she wears when going
out with Joan. Usually bright and multi-

Her hairclip is a memento of her mother who
went missing when she was 12 in a freak 
accident involving the technology that makes 
the city of Alvinus float. A technology she
and her friend Joan are close to figuring out.

After which she plans to use it to float another 
piece of the world.