Hi thanks for checking out tentacle.social it is a fake social network site for a couple of my characters in the floating city of Alvinus. You can click through the story by using the navigation in the bottom left.

This story will be featured in the next art book. And contains at least 27 pictures. (according to my story board) . It also contains some exposition in the form of the social posts on the site . So following the story on the site is a great way to experience it. I will eventually use some screenshots. This won’t be done soon 🙂

Anyway. Took me a while to get it all going. This story won’t be finished before halloween is over. 🙂 Honestly i don’t even know if i can finish this before the year is over 😀  It is just starts at halloween 🙂 And is the story of Noa aka LushyLatex who is a latex obsessed girl who loves to show off. You might see some familiar faces and names in the pictures.

You can go check out the full interactive site here: