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Lube up before Suit Up

Joan has been having her friends join for experimentation. Her new friend received an invite and jumped at the oppertunity to join.

She did find it weird that she was led into a deep dark laboratory beneath the city. But hey she gets to play with these cute tentacle friendos!

You can get the set of all 24 versions in high res on gumroad:

You can get a print here:,shiny,elf,lube,tentacle

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Spiral Club Night

The new initiates into the Spiral fetish club are many. Some are more daring than others. The initiation rituals keep changing based on the kinks of the members. These days it ranges from some vanilla latex to some pretty kinky stuff.

There are 8 variants with 2 sub variants(glasses,no glasses)

You can get a high-res digital set here for just 2 euros:

You can get a print here:

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