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Easter Eggo Time

Every year the upper management of Sexy Time put on show for the easter commercial.
This year’s star of the show is an up and comer in the company. Real upper management material.
All stunts performed by professional tentacle wranglers. No tentacles were harmed in the creation of this production.
All performers are C level staff at Sexy Time industries. Participation in the yearly Easter special is mandetory for upper management.

All the situations in this production are fictional. Except for the part where the CEO got knocked up by the elder tentacle. That is real.
F’Targh and Ariel will celebrate their first spawning in a month.

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Marketing Debauchery

When Steamy Bean’s corporate marketing team made a deal with Sexy Time to put a street promo team to work for both companies they did not realise that their cheapness would bite them in the butt. That campaign was definitely more aimed at the Sexy Time clientele.

Get it in High res (8000×5000 png) on Gumroad:

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Sexy Time Shopping Spree

Vala has been shopping with Ariel’s original store for quite a while. The store where it all started. Although Ariel now owns a huge company she still has heart for her loyal customers.

So when she spots them heading to the store she rushes in to help them pick something nice to play with!
And help test the merchandise 😀

You can get it here in high res:

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