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Tentacle hugging party

These elves are really into tentacles. Some even go to the hugging parties where they get to spend a bunch of time in the pits to play with their squishy friends. And if they really like them they can get fitted with their very own tentasuit !

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Marketing Debauchery

When Steamy Bean’s corporate marketing team made a deal with Sexy Time to put a street promo team to work for both companies they did not realise that their cheapness would bite them in the butt. That campaign was definitely more aimed at the Sexy Time clientele.

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Quicky Delivery Service

Maike just immigrated to Alvinus. Her new apartment is very expensive. The
quickest way to earn a coin is doing deliveries for Sexy Time’s new within the hour
delivery service. When she saw her next delivery was in her apartment building
she quickly grabbed some boba tea on the way. She was in for quite the surprise!
Who knew you could do that with boba balls!

You can get it in high res on my gumroad:

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