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Anemone goes lewd solo stream

So Anemone has been doing a solo stream after her  stream with Eureka. She learnt that bigger is better and the lewder the more people come visit her stream. The more she makes! So she got new piercings and  jammed those big toys right on up there πŸ˜€  Then she realized she’d gone too far and there wasn’t really a way to turn back πŸ™‚

Good thing it all got caught by the camera πŸ˜€ 

Halloweeeeeeen 2017!

Okay this pic took a while to make. Mainly due to work being very busy. But I did end up finishing it πŸ˜€ 

In Alvinus there is a spa, called the tentacle spa. This spa needs some fresh new tentacles from time to time. (more mature tentacles are retired to the tentacle swamp to live out their lives )  And these lovely ladies are tasked to use their sexual power to summon the new guys from the great beyond on the crystal sand flats where some ancient spells quickly attract the attention of the young new fresh tentacles. 

The following characters are in here :

@thebikupanβ€˜s Nu

@bastard-hiveβ€˜s Lyren

@viridenβ€˜s Lila,

@tangslewdhutβ€˜s Tangere

And ofc my Joan and Catherine

Eureka & Anemone find a new way to earn a buck

Life is harsh,and they have to earn a buck. Luckily they really enjoy the attention their fans give them.  And those giant fucking dildos. Anemone a bit more than Eureka. The bigger the toys the higher the donations! Anemone and Eureka really filled out nicely.

P.s. I’m working on a pic with just Anemone and that giant dong behind her!

If you like girls with big toys and latex πŸ˜€ go check out my artbook!