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Cloe in the ruins

On the outskirts of the city of Alvinus there are old ruins, some say they are of earlier incarnations of the city that fell in the spider wars. It is dangerous to go in that area without “protection”.

Luckily her tentasuit “bloop” is here to help her brave the dangerous and possibly wriggly depths of the ruins.

You can get the high res set here for 4 euros. That will go towards financing my third artbook out in january:

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Cinnamon’s Park Show-off

Cinnamon recently broke up with her werewolf boy toy.

This happens every month around the time of the new moon when his wolfyness is at it’s lowest.

To relieve her urges she sometimes hits up the local park to show off her fitness. Not everybody in the park appreciates the splash hazard!

You can get the high res set in png and jpg over here:

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