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Every day at the Alvinus Employment center the TNTCL outreach is represented to find more folks who would love to work with TNTCL to understand the tentacle presence on Alvinus a bit better.
Bonus they get some nice squeeky new outfits!

You can get it in high res on my gumroad store

Or you can get a print here:

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Lube up before Suit Up

Joan has been having her friends join for experimentation. Her new friend received an invite and jumped at the oppertunity to join.

She did find it weird that she was led into a deep dark laboratory beneath the city. But hey she gets to play with these cute tentacle friendos!

You can get the set of all 24 versions in high res on gumroad:

You can get a print here:,shiny,elf,lube,tentacle

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