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Gremlin and Goblin mistakes

This pic is a bit weird…. There are two characters here 😀 Cloe and a certain gremlin 😀

Cloe is always getting into trouble. For some reason she loves to mess with the local tentacle population.

This set contains versions with tentacles and ones on wood floor in a sticky situation

You can get the high res pic on gumroad for €4! This also includes the Gremlin version 😉

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Anika’s Oily Picnic

The twin-tailed hottie Anika wants to put on a show and what place is better but a public park in Alvinus on top of a picnic table. Too bad she forgot to bring any not oily clothing for the way back home.

You can get this pic in high res on my gumroad:

You can also get my artbook for just €16+shipping on gumroad:

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