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Xmas card

Hey folks,

I wanna bring the following to you, I will be printing some semi work safe , one time, xmas cards. I will be printing about 50, 30 are for friends and relatives, the rest are for you. Let me know if you want one … Over here! You will also recieve a higher than normal resolution version in your email box.

Please be sure to add what you want me to write on the card! So get crackin!

I will be sending them out on a first come first serve basis!

Late summer night swim

So Laeriel and Brigitte went for a late night swim at a small lake near the edge of Alvinus. Brigitte didn’t want to head home to pic up a swimsuit so she borrowed one of Laeriel’s old suits …. Too bad the swimsuit doesnt fit her … slightly larger form 😉

I made several versions (As certain people had an issue with the piercings 😉 )

One of the versions contains the swimsuit that silmarwen was wearing

Please do leave a comment below! 🙂