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Halloween 2020 – Spiral Live summoning!

This new inductee in the spiral fetish club has been given the honor of doing a summoning of otherworldly tentacles for the halloween event. Unfortunately for her it is all being live streamed. You know… for the socials.

You can get the High res versions on Gumroad here:

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Anemone goes lewd solo stream

So Anemone has been doing a solo stream after her  stream with Eureka. She learnt that bigger is better and the lewder the more people come visit her stream. The more she makes! So she got new piercings and  jammed those big toys right on up there 😀  Then she realized she’d gone too far and there wasn’t really a way to turn back 🙂

Good thing it all got caught by the camera 😀 

Mimi, Merry x-mas, on a symbian

This is for the xmas contest over at  Always fun to revisit a character you failed at drawing before… This one is a lot better than the previous one I did ..

I made a artbook!YOU CAN BUY IT NOW!  Get it here

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