Commissions are closed indefinitely. 

If you want an artist to commission i can recommend a few. Please tweet me 🙂 @studioaip


You must own the rights to the characters involved or permission (with proof) to use the characters. 

I will not do artwork of :

  • Bestiality
  • Nazi stuff
  • Underage characters
  • Anything not allowed by Dutch law. 
  • Anything that I find distasteful like blood/gore
  • Clowns. Just no.

Also just a sidenote. I usually do latex,shiny,oily,style pics. Don’t ask me to draw a giant furry alien with wookie noises and inflated ballsack. This is not my speciality.

You will receive:

The final picture you will receive is a flattened (1 layer) version at the full resolution of the drawing. This is A4 @ 350dpi. 

Want to commission me ?

GREAT! Email me using the following instructions. 

Copy paste the following into an e-mail to me and fill it out. Please attach any reference I might need. But only in jpg or png format. Any other format will be ignored. Those without examples/refs will be ignored. Those with a backstory thing in them will be ignored. 

Email subject: Commission request for <name of primary character>

I would like to commission you for a drawing of [full name of primary character]. This drawing should have the following:

  • [number of characters] character(s) namely (remove the following if it is just one char):
    • [character name 1] [filename(s) of attachment the reference is in]
    • [character name 2] [filename(s) of attachment the reference is in]
    • etc.
  • Doing: [ Describe scene]
  • The level I would like is : [sketch concept/Ink flats/Full color]
  • With environment that is [flat color/simple sketch/extensive background]
  • The environment should be: [ Describe environment if it is required,otherwise remove]  
  • I require a sketch, flats proof before continueing to final version
  • The creation [can/ can not] be streamed.


Payment information: 

I would like to pay you via:

[IBAN transfer/Bitcoin/Paypal]

I understand that full payment is due after agreement to the estimate/timeline and is not refundable. 

[your signoff]


You will (as soon as humanly possible) receive an e-mail back with the estimate and an estimated timeframe for the creation and the payment information. Depending on how fast the money is transferred (bitcoin is usually faster) you will get a final time estimate for delivery. (depending on how fast you pay/i receive the money , may take a bit)

Ofcourse any such delivery time is prone disturbance to real world issues. I will keep you up to date with the progress/timeline of/for the pic. Anything other than death/fire/hospitalisation will prevent me from keeping you up to date. 

The normal flow  of how this works is like this:

  • I receive your e-mail
  • I reply to your e-mail with a cost estimate and time estimate
  • You agree/we do a song and dance to iron out the details
  • You get a final price/time estimate by email with payment instructions perhaps a stickfigure planning pic
  • Payment received I will start work asap
  • Sketch done -> Email with request for any fixes/minor changes
  • You give your ok (if sketch this is where you receive your final pic)
  • Ink/Flats -> Email with request for any fixes
  • You give your ok (if ink/flat this is where you receive your final pic)
  • Full color -> Email with request for any fixes
  • You give your ok , you receive the final version

At the check steps you will receive a low res version with watermarks all over the place.