I don’t do commissions right now


So here I am again. Opening up commissions. Lets see if I get some new customers 🙂

I’m doing this mostly for fun so my prices are low for the amount of work I put into them.
The creation is also being streamed so no private commissions for now… And I can post them afterwards 🙂

What I offer:
A fully cg-ed pic of a character of your choice(there are some content rules) You can look in on it being created during my streaming sessions on

I accept Bitcoin or Paypal.. But seriously I prefer bitcoin!
After the sketchy lines are done I will ask for the payment to be done. After payment is
complete I will start working on the cg pic. However I might be working on another pic in
the mean time.

The all important question : How much ?
The supervague answer: depends
The to the point answer: If it is just a character think about 25 euro for an ink and 40 euro for flat to CG color.

The more stuff gets added(lavish clothes, extra characters etc) the more it’ll cost. We’ll agree on a price and I’ll stick to that.

What I won’t do :
– Anything illegal in the Netherlands.
– Disgusting stuff..
– Clowns

Want to get something made?
you can contact me via this address:
commissions \at/

replace the \at/ with an @
And be sure to add as many references as you can in jpg or png form, and be as descriptive as possible.