Silmarwen’s secret tentaclesuit project

Silmarwen has always had a weakness for tentacle suits. These critters require another being to help them…make more of themselves.

Tentacle suits are sentient beings. They prefer elves for some reason.
Over at TNTCL HQ they have been experimenting with them for a short while. But Silmarwen has been on the case for years. She and her friends are responsible for the uptick in wild tentaclesuits in the swamps region of Alvinus.

In future pictures I will probably get into some actual “helping” of the tentacles 😀

You can also get the highres copy here on gumroad:

Tentacle suit testing

Observing the new tentacle suit from below is a drone tasked to keep track of the subject.

The TNTCL junior hire is sent out to test out the new tentacle suit that Sexy Time Labs produced.. Supposed to give the wearer superior strength and agility. But in reality takes away any inhibitions they might have 😀

This tentacle suit wants to spread its freedom to other people around the city.
Whether it can do that or not will be interesting to see 😀

This picture was originally intended for easter. Thus the bunny ears 😀
But it was too cute not to put them on there.

There are 13 different variants of this pic.

Maleriel visits Tentacle island

(The third pic in this series :))
Maleriel needed to go and relax. She’s heard many great things about this place from her friend Joan.
It sure is going to be a great way to relax from her busy job being a latex fashion designer.

This pic took a long time to finish. Mainly because I could not make up my mind about the setting and colors.

You can find the pic in high res plus a timelapse of it being made over here:

The high res art starts at €5 and the timelapse (~12 minutes) is €2 extra!

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