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Happy Holidays from Alvinus!

Joan is trying to wrap gifts for the gift exchange and well is getting a little distracted.

Try not to get too covered in goop over the holidays πŸ˜€ And not eat too much πŸ˜‰

Think of your neighbors and fellow hoomans. And don’t hoard the white elephant gifts like a greedy dragon. And for fucks sake, put the lid on the lube bottle/jar before anything else. Head injuries hurt.

I will probably post some more art over the next week to clear out my queue πŸ™‚ I suspect some large dildos and dragon penises will be involved. But if I miss you. Have a great holiday and a fucking great 2018


Shego vs Mr Floaty and a bottle of lube

In between evil missions,while Kim is off battling the amazing giant cocked Yeti population in Butan, Shego finds solace in another victim of fate.

Mr Floaty’s powers of invisibility are rather unfortunate. The only thing that isn’t cloaked is part of his peen. Mr Floaty’s story involves a vat of experimental “crystal clear” lubricant, two giant dildos, a novelty chicken and Suomi dictionary.
It is a sad story. Really sad.

Anyway this pic was drawn during the stream on picarto.tv. It was suggested by Jackal! Thank you for that!

I am looking for suggestions on a halloween themed pic. Feel free to suggest something. Anything not halloween related will be ignored.


But hey! I might draw your idea for halloween (There will be 2-3 or maybe even 4 halloween pics this year……

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