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Character profile: Ariel Lang

Ariel Lang

Gender: Female
Orientation: Silicone lovers
Species: Human
Age: 29
Height: 1m 70cm
Eyes: Blue
Relationship: perhaps
Likes: Big toys

A few years back she arrived in Alvinus
hoping to start a new empire of sexy toys.

With the help of the industrious elves
she was able to put together a
franchise of Sexy Time stores.

She designs and beta tests all the
toys herself. Ariel has a few billion in
bank. But in Alvinus she can be who
she wants to be without people being
weird about her being rich.

A shorty she is not the smallest in town
but her elven friends are all so tall making
her wish she was a little bit taller.

Ariel is a decendant of a Dutch family that
did a lot of trading. This trading blood is
probably why her company “Sexy Time” is
doing so well.