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New artbook in the works

Hiya. Last year I spent a good time of the year working on a comic with a story about a girl with a fetish for public nudity.

This year I would like to make a new story. This story will revolve around a couple of Girls/Women who are making their dreams of tentacle fun time a reality. It will be a picture series. It will be released in full in my 2nd art book that will be available at the beginning of December. (right in time for X-mas)

One girl is an Elf the other a human being. It will focus on their relationship, the picking out of their first tentacle, and the inevitable descent into a very very naughty place. It will also feature the following characters:

Working title for the story is “tentacled”.

As for the book: I am going for another set of at least 24 one-offs/pinups/naughty stuff, 4 new character profiles, at least 24 pages of comic (double that of lubricious exposure),and  4 pages are reserved for artist I will commission over the next 6 months (for a fair price, with full credits in the book) and a short exploration of “The Temple”

I might open up a slot for a writer to write a short story in the on commission. But I’m still on the fence about that .

The book will once again sell at cost with a paperback and hardcover version. I will aim for the book to be ready on the first of December and ready for sale soon after. I am going to try to make it available via any bookstore  with an ISBN number.  This will be a little bit more expensive but easier to get a hold of.

Working title for the book is :

Secrets of Alvinus.

About streaming:

I am trying to decide on what to do with the whole streaming thing. It is not always the best for productivity. So I might forego the streaming of some parts of the comic. I will probably be streaming at times. But I really wanna focus all the time I have to work on the comic to make it as good as possible. So I may just not stream for a week. With 28 weeks until the target date 😛 thats gonna be intense.

Btw : Did you know you can still buy my last art-book right now for just 11.95(euro).  Get it while its still out there!