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Character profile: Helena sun

Helena Sun 

Gender: Female
Orientation: Demons
Species: Human
Age: 22 ??? 
Height: 1m 90cm
Eyes: Green
Relationship: unknown
Likes: magic

Part of a "magicians" guild this warlock battled
demons and monsters alike. She now resides
in Alvinus. As all magic is just technology too far
along to understand, she has a great
understanding of the technology of Alvinus. 
She can often be found in Joan and 
Marlenne's workshop.

She owns a luxurious mansion overlooking Alvinus. 
Whether or not she earned that mansion is up for
debate. She turned the former owner(her teacher)
into a hamster whom she keeps in a cage in her 
study after she found out his plans for Alvinus.
After which she just appropriated the mansion 
as her own.

She loses her clothes a lot. Mostly during 
summoning rituals. She is not a member of 
Spiral yet.

Not much is known about her family. Or if that is 
actually her name.