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Halloween: Pumpkin Field Fun Time

Outside of Alvinus there are fields of sentient pumpkins. They are also slightly psychic

This allows them to lure in folks with what their hearts desire!

You can get the pic in high res here for just €2 until halloween is over:
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Dildomancer – Halloween!

Joan created a new goblin with the newly revealed Dildomancer class. Who fights mobs by throwing dildos and clobbering them with em.

Also. Blizz if you can’t make a dildomancer class. At least give us some latex gear 😉

I’m doing multiple Halloween pics. I am also streaming their creation. You can see these streams over here:

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(if you are wondering why her name is in orange (aka the opposing faction. Its because I’m an alliance main :D))

Bonus Halloween: Asama-Tomo pumpkin up her pooper

Asama tomo was suggested by Charmandy on picarto.tv

This is a bonus pic for the halloween themed stream of the last month.

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