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Sexy Time Shopping Spree

Vala has been shopping with Ariel’s original store for quite a while. The store where it all started. Although Ariel now owns a huge company she still has heart for her loyal customers.

So when she spots them heading to the store she rushes in to help them pick something nice to play with!
And help test the merchandise 😀

You can get it here in high res:

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Character profile: Ariel Lang

Ariel Lang

Gender: Female
Orientation: Silicone lovers
Species: Human
Age: 29
Height: 1m 70cm
Eyes: Blue
Relationship: perhaps
Likes: Big toys

A few years back she arrived in Alvinus
hoping to start a new empire of sexy toys.

With the help of the industrious elves
she was able to put together a
franchise of Sexy Time stores.

She designs and beta tests all the
toys herself. Ariel has a few billion in
bank. But in Alvinus she can be who
she wants to be without people being
weird about her being rich.

A shorty she is not the smallest in town
but her elven friends are all so tall making
her wish she was a little bit taller.

Ariel is a decendant of a Dutch family that
did a lot of trading. This trading blood is
probably why her company “Sexy Time” is
doing so well.