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Gods In An Alcove in Alvinus

Gods in an Alcove is a wonderful blog on tumblr. Lots of inspiration for seeing large things go into wet places πŸ˜€

I decided to do a fan-art. But as she notoriously hides her face it was hard to do ofc. With some sleuthing i did uncover some things but almost everything neck up is a game of avarages πŸ˜‰

Anyway. So the fine folks at Godsinanalcove finally visit Alvinus(pretty much all my art takes place there πŸ˜€ ) in the “Italian” district.  I bet that if Alvinus would be part of our universe these folks would be a frequent customer at the Sexy Time. Where lube is plentiful and giant dildos are cheaper than small ones. 


Tentacle deal gone wrong :)

This girl was told she could make a quick buck by humping a tentacle being. Being into weird stuff she agreed pretty fast. She did however did not read the fine print.

She got a tattoo above her cooch (which she found funny in a way), Β She was then quicky grabbed by the tentacles who slobbered over her lovehole to quickly lube it up. Only to be probed immediatly. The size of the one going up her bum was however not something she agreed to…. Her transformation from regular girl to tentacle slut had begun!

I might be tempted to create a followup pic to this. Give me suggestions in the comments what might happen πŸ™‚ and maybe it will !