Virtual reality ,The way it should feel

This is a new character of mine. Her name is Panthea, just turned 19, and she is a part of the “floating city” universe 😀

She loves her new virtual reality machine, It will take her to far away places, and usually ends up giving her a nice buzz and tingle down below.

(Especially since someone messed with it so it will only let her out as soon as she’s had 200 orgasms)

The dildo can deliver a very low amp, high voltage jolt to produce an instant orgasm.

Lets see where we can take her.

(I’d like to point out that due to work being ..well.. busy I had to delay posting this for a while. This is a story I wanted to play with for a while, More soonish…)

Also by next week there should be another Fetish club pic up! Another semi animated pic!