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Ryuko Matoi- Magazine cover

So I have been enjoying some Kill la Kill lately. Lets say those god suits are inspiring. As the former Fetish club captain in losing my 2 star suit I added some “latex life fibers” to her suit 😉 Damnit its cold out here…

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.. It took a while to finish due to some bullshit problems I started having using after upgrading to OSX mavericks. Photoshop sometimes slows to a crawl, Magnetic lasso tool is unusable and loading and saving is a bitch. Luckely manga studio is less of a dick 🙂

I’ll be doing a lot more art now the coming weeks as I have some extra days off work that i need to use up (vacation time i had left from last year :D) If you have suggestions for fanarts or ideas let me know as an ask on the tumblr:


or simply reply to this post i’ll probably see it.

Suggestions with some latex shinyness and/or goop/slime/cum involved have my preference…
(large pink jelly dildos are also a plus :D)