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Tentacle deal gone wrong :)

This girl was told she could make a quick buck by humping a tentacle being. Being into weird stuff she agreed pretty fast. She did however did not read the fine print.

She got a tattoo above her cooch (which she found funny in a way),  She was then quicky grabbed by the tentacles who slobbered over her lovehole to quickly lube it up. Only to be probed immediatly. The size of the one going up her bum was however not something she agreed to…. Her transformation from regular girl to tentacle slut had begun!

I might be tempted to create a followup pic to this. Give me suggestions in the comments what might happen 🙂 and maybe it will !

Mandy versus the spider

Whow I have a new found hatred for spiders… Now normally i can stand these little things.. they catch flies and mosquitos … so I like em But having spent this long on a friggin spider !?.. YUCK!
This is Mandy , the arch nemesis of the spies in totally spies getting humped by a spider. All by her own free will…  crazy biatch… This is the third and semi final pic i’m doing of these weirdos . Next up is Alex…. i sorta have yet to decide on a monster 🙂 so lemme know 😉