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Halfling mating part 3: Anal & Spooge

Maleriel felt like she needed to get this over with. An itch she had felt the need to scratch for so long. But what is going to happen next ? She’d filled up to the brim! Now what will she do ? She figured out she can stretch further than she thought possible. Will she have some new dildos to buy ? Will she carry all that cum home and keep it in her? Will there be a transformation? Email me at angel [at goes here] studioaip [dot goes here] net or comment!

Mandy versus the spider

Whow I have a new found hatred for spiders… Now normally i can stand these little things.. they catch flies and mosquitos … so I like em But having spent this long on a friggin spider !?.. YUCK!
This is Mandy , the arch nemesis of the spies in totally spies getting humped by a spider. All by her own free will…  crazy biatch… This is the third and semi final pic i’m doing of these weirdos . Next up is Alex…. i sorta have yet to decide on a monster 🙂 so lemme know 😉