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Cummy spoogeful

A little bit of cammy “Fanart”… mind you this is not really Cammy. Its her twin sister Cummy. She’s a bit mad. Getting slammed full with buckets of cum. She regulary runs out of condoms, so she just wings it from there. I mean.. come on… who just takes one condom to an orgy ?

I was experimenting with poses. I wanted her to defy gravity lift her ass up so the cum would drip in her face, the lovely slut she is 😀 Think about it when its gurling out who could “resist”? Anyway good exersise , got to learn a few new techniques that I shall not be using again.Also wanted it to look like you were looking at her from above to the side… instead of from the side … ( I could have flipped it 90 degr CW but i liked it better this way)

Hmm I should really make a font out of those letters 😀