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Character profile: Vala Gates

Vala Gates

Gender: Female
Orientation: Large members
Species: Human
Age: 19 
Height: 1m 80cm
Eyes: Green
Relationship: no
Likes: large dildos, piercings

Vala did not know of the existance of Spiral
until her friend Laeriel mentioned having a fun night
being initiated into the club.

Her hobbies are 3d printing large and exotic looking
phallic objects. 

She invented a filament for a 3d printer,that prints like 
plastic but turns into a silicone feel dildo after being
treated with a special chemical. Vala works as the
lead product designer at Sexy Time.

She owns a small experimental  floaty 
scooter shaped like a penis. Ariel likes to 
"borrow" it on occasion. Especially during 

Her parents don't agree with her new job. And are
afraid she'll get ruined for marriage. Unbeknownst to them
she was already a size queen at age 19 when she
became a recruit for Spiral.

Character Profile: Silmarwen Holt

Silmarwen Holt

Gender: Female
Orientation: The tentacles
Species: Human
Age: 26 (in 2015)
Height: 1m 77 cm
Eyes: Blue
Relationship: no
Likes: Tentacles

Silmarwen is the keeper of the ancient temple 
near Alvinus's swamp. She is a member
of the Spiral club and lets their members
use the temple for their sometimes very
slippery initiation rituals.

Due to a spill in the lake near her house 
her swimsuit came alive when she dove 
into it for a swim. The cause for that 
transformation was an experimental sex toy 
material designed by Ariel which leaked from 
the factory nearby.

She named him/her "squirt".... 
They are best buds now for some reason.

She has pretty dark skin and short ears for 
an Alvinus Elf.

Character profile: Ariel Lang

Ariel Lang

Gender: Female
Orientation: Silicone lovers
Species: Human
Age: 29
Height: 1m 70cm
Eyes: Blue
Relationship: perhaps
Likes: Big toys

A few years back she arrived in Alvinus
hoping to start a new empire of sexy toys.

With the help of the industrious elves
she was able to put together a
franchise of Sexy Time stores.

She designs and beta tests all the
toys herself. Ariel has a few billion in
bank. But in Alvinus she can be who
she wants to be without people being
weird about her being rich.

A shorty she is not the smallest in town
but her elven friends are all so tall making
her wish she was a little bit taller.

Ariel is a decendant of a Dutch family that
did a lot of trading. This trading blood is
probably why her company “Sexy Time” is
doing so well.